In this era of technological advancement, you can keep on top of the latest developments in your profession by having access to materials and a network of specialists that are committed to lifelong learning. EDUCAD helps you to promote the transformation needed to compete in today’s world as individuals and as enterprises.

  • An audio-visual learning environment guided by a presenter or trainer with a large capacity and audio-visual equipment to enhance the learning experiences for all participants.
  • We offer a plasma screen with a projector in each classroom area and whiteboards, pencils, and note pads for students to use. We also have temperature control and a high-speed internet connection available in our training rooms.
  • It is possible to decrease the amount of time spent on training in many instances by our flexible blended training choices (Class-Room, Free recorded video courses access via YouTube and live/online classes).
  • An on-site team of experts can help with many aspects of the company, including IT needs.
  • At all times, one of our appointed professionals’ team members will be on hand to guarantee the successful completion of the project.
  • Customized room configurations and a variety of learning environment options are offered.
  • Outside catering, including lunches, can be arranged within a variety of budgets, as well as on-site refreshments.

Create your Staff Training Strategy Now, Make your Life a Whole Lot Easier

Investing in your employees is essential to your company’s long-term viability.

According to the findings of a research, companies that offer complete training programs earn 200 times more per employee than companies that do not provide organized training. However, this is not the conclusion of the narrative. This group of enterprises also has much larger profit margins than other businesses that spend less on staff training and development. It seems that continuing to invest in training and development, especially during economic downturns, is the most prudent course of action, according to the study.

The key to corporate success lies in the development of your employees.

Training has a positive effect on employee retention. Investment in professional development would encourage employees to stay at a company for longer periods. The ability to grow professionally is no longer a perk available only to a selected few. Today’s top performers are used to it. It sends the impression that the firm values its workers and is committed to their long-term success as well as their success on the job.

Improved effectiveness of on-the-job training

In today’s industry, workers’ talents are continually evolving, necessitating ongoing retraining. Investment in training may help companies raise output and become more successful by increasing the retention rate of its employees.

A system for monitoring and reporting one’s progress

For businesses, our dashboards and reports allow them to keep track of the courses their employees are enrolled in, as well as to monitor their progress and achievement over time. As a consequence of this data, management will be able to evaluate the financial effect of training and make informed decisions about future training.

Courses we are offering

We, at EDUCAD, provide a wide range of courses that will help you in your personal and career growth

Software Development

Digital Marketing

Cyber Security

Oracle Database

Ms. Office and Excel

Soft Skills | Management Courses

Mobile Apps Development

Graphic Design and Multimedia

Ethical Hacking

Oracle ERP Applications

Accounting & Finance

Human Resources- HRM

Computer Networking

Social Media Networking

Machine Learning- AI

Oracle Fusion Cloud

Audit & Compliance

Digital Transformation

Web Development

Big Data

IT Governance


ISO- Quality Assurance

Diploma Programs