Terms And Condition

Terms And Conditions
By agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree to each and every policy mentioned below to avoid
any kind of inconvenience and dispute in future.
For Trainers/Instructors:
No advance payment will be given to any instructor/trainer. 100% payment will be done after
the completion of the course he teach.
If trainer/instructor has to leave Educad Academy in the middle of a course, he will have to
provide a substitute trainer in advance to avoid any kind of inconvenience faced by students or
the management of Educad Academy.
Student and a trainer are not allowed to start any kind of personal project separately. They are
bound to do such activities under the acknowledgement of Educad Academy only if the
management allow to do so.
Registering as an instructor/trainer in Educad Academy affirms that the trainer/instructor holds
all the command over the courses he/she will teach. The instructor/trainer promise that he/she
has all the necessary skills, authorization or
rights to use all the content contained in their
1 day salary of the trainer/instructor will be deducted if he/she reschedule 3 classes (for the loss
of student and managements’ time).
For Student:
Registration of the course must be completed before the classes start. Seats are reserved on
first come first serve basis.
Fee submission And Refunds:
100% Fee must be submitted before the course start date to confirm the enrollment.
Discounts are NOT available on any course unless it is offered by the administration itself for a
limited time period.
NO REFUND will be given to any student on any course.
All the topics will be covered of any particular course. We DO NOT allow any kind of skim and
trim or selective topic study in our courses.
Students will be given access to all the course related material until the course is finished. Once
the course is finished, the student will not be able to access the course material anymore.
75% attendance is mandatory to receive certificate from Educad Academy.
Certificate will only be given after the course is completed.
Trainer and student CAN NOT decide time of a class in person.
Request must be submitted to the management through email
the subject
” Schedule Change”
No promise will be made by the trainer or management to the student until it has been decided
by higher management.
Any promise made to the student by the management or trainer will result in termination of
that trainer or management person.
Team Educad Academy.